Weird West, an action RPG that takes place in a fairly dark Far West set

New announcement and trailer for Devolver Digital with WolfEye Studios, presenting Weird West, an action RPG game set in the Old West. But a wild west differs from our world, as it is a little more oriented towards dark fantasy. And with a cel-shading-oriented art direction, there seems to be some pretty cool stuff.

The title is expected to be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 in autumn this year.


As a dark fantasy reinterpretation of a time full of promises and landslides, Weird West sees lawyers and bandits compete against each other, but also various fantastic, bizarre and terrifying creatures. Your choices and decisions will shape the legend of the group of atypical heroes whose adventures you pursue, in the heart of ruthless counterattacks with gripping folklore. The journey therefore depends on your actions: the stakes of each meeting are important, and each of your decisions affects the universe and the way you can interact with it. Form a gang or set out to explore this otherworld on the edge of Weird West. Forge your legend!

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