Large quantities of weapons seized in Norway

According to media reports, three men were arrested in Norway and large quantities of weapons were confiscated. As the public service broadcaster NRK reported on Tuesday with reference to the police and the PST secret service, investigators in the case assume that the case has links to the far-right milieu. First, the Romerikes Blad and Avisa Nordland newspapers reported on the long-running police operation.

The arrests took place in different parts of the country. In a man’s apartment in Bodø town, police found six machine guns, ten rifles, five pistols and thousands of live ammunition. They are said to be older weapons, some of which date from the war. The man is now in custody for alleged firearms law violations, along with the other two arrested, one from Lillestrøm and the other from Hamar. Weapons were also found among them, a police spokesperson said on the radio.

The use of weapons is just as vague as the exact time of the arrests. Police suspect there are links to a network of people who have bought and sold illegal weapons. No link to Thursday’s tenth anniversary of the attacks by right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik in the government district of Oslo and on the island of Ut withya with a total of 77 dead has not been made in the reports.

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