Fourth corona wave in France: debate on the vaccination certificate

With 21,000 new contaminations in the last 24 hours, a “fourth corona wave” has reached France. Prime Minister Jean Castex said on TF1 television on Wednesday that 96% of those infected had not been vaccinated. “Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate must be the answer,” he said. The government wants to vaccinate the French with a new health passport. In the next two weeks, five million additional immunization appointments must be allocated. Stricter corona rules for cultural and sporting facilities came into effect on Wednesday. As soon as more than fifty people gather, whether at the cinema, the theater, the museum or during sporting events, the health passport must be presented in digital or paper form. Proof of full vaccination, a simple vaccination for those who have recovered or a negative corona test result is included in the health passport.

Even vacationers have to show it. From August 1, the rule will also apply to cafes, restaurants and bars. The health passport must also be presented for long-distance travel by plane, train and bus. The announcement by the President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, of his desire to exempt parliament from the obligation of a health passport caused a stir. According to the newspaper “L’Opinion”, Ferrand argued that the constitution allowed parliament to vote on self-government. The health pass will therefore not be valid before the Constitutional Council because it restricts the freedom of parliamentarians.

No salary without vaccination

The former member of Marine Le Pen, Florian Philippot, was indignant: “Richard Ferrand rejects the health passport for access to the National Assembly. It’s only for the crowd. ” About fifty deputies tabled an amendment to introduce the health passport in parliament to “show the example”. Ferrand said in a statement that his alleged refusal was a hoax. If the health passport were adopted by parliament, the representatives of the people would of course also apply it “with respect for parliamentary freedoms”.

The National Assembly wanted to vote on Wednesday evening the bill on the health passport. Among other things, the project provides for compulsory vaccination for all employees of hospitals and other health facilities. In the event of non-compliance, employees may have their wages reduced.

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The head of government stressed that the health pass should not be used to access schools. For children and adolescents aged 12 to 17, the deadline has been extended until the end of September. From October 1, French people in this age group will also have to present a health passport. The change of law faces opposition from the far right and the far left. Left-wing presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon criticized the establishment of a “surveillance society”. Marine Le Pen has announced that she will vote against the bill in the National Assembly.

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