“Explanation is not a solution”

Chancellor candidate and Greens co-chair Annalena Baerbock sharply criticized the agreement between Germany and the US government on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. “This joint declaration is not a solution – especially not for security from Ukraine, “Baerbock told FAZ

Washington has lifted sanctions on companies involved in the pipeline, but stresses that the pipeline has yet to be fully approved given EU requirements for unbundling and third-party access, Baerbock said. The operation is far from secure. “It’s still in German hands,” Baerbock told FAZ

“Bad climate and geostrategic policy”

Baerbock said: “I still think this pipeline is bad, for climate policy reasons, but mostly for geostrategic reasons.” It was directed against the security of Ukraine and aimed at dividing the European Union. Eastern Europeans are “rightly angry” with the federal government “that it is unilaterally hanging on to this pipeline”.

“We cannot be indifferent to the security of Ukraine,” said the Green politician. “The most important is the protection of the civilian population, for example through support for demining.” That this federal government is not even ready to do it, “is incomprehensible to me”. For Ukraine to become more independent from Russia, it is essential “that we massively support the restructuring of Ukraine’s energy supply towards renewable energies”.

Baerbock expressed strong doubts about the credibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The Kremlin has recently made it very clear that it is making its gas deliveries through Ukraine dependent on Ukraine’s behavior,” Baerbock said. Its a threat. She added: “Threats are not the basis of a reliable policy.”

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