Aerocool changes its Bionic case to white with four colors for the front

Not necessarily new, the Aerocool Bionic housing is celebrating a comeback with a new white frame that offers a special feature: the front is not white, but pink, red, green or orange, depending on the version selected. A very interesting color selection, which makes the case stand out and which could particularly appeal to integrators who, for example, target locations with several devices, since the case is relatively compact with a small footprint for a medium-sized ATX tower.

The dimensions are actually only 450 x 206 x 372 mm, which inevitably restricts certain components: 293 mm depending on the ventilation in the front panel for graphics cards and 158 mm for the processor heat sink.


However, there is a classic and complete chassis with many passages for cables, a power supply cover that covers an HDD cage with two baskets and can also accommodate two 120 mm fans. With three 120mm or two 140mm fronts, one 120mm RGB fan in the back, and two 120mm on top, there’s a lot to do, even if the water cooling at the front is limited to 240mm / 280mm . Finally, the memory also consists of two 2.5-inch boards behind the mainboard.

The connection is also complete with two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port and sound. Not bad for an oriental case between the range.

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